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Elevate your trading with up to 70x leverage, instant executions, and a gasless experience.

Experience the future of derivatives trading on Polygon with Nereus

Press about Nereus

Welcome to Nereus

The Pinnacle of Derivatives Trading on Polygon

Tailor your trade's size and exposure with our isolated margin feature for strategic positioning.

Precision Trading

Under 25ms exchange latency ensures your trades execute almost instantly, giving you a competitive edge.

Minimal Latency 

Deposit and withdraw from your preferred chain, simplifying your trading journey.

Cross-Chain Flexibility

Enjoy a seamless trading experience without the burden of gas fees.

Gasless Transactions

Nereus Points: Complete Quests, Earn Points, Receive Airdrop!

Maximize your crypto rewards with Nereus Points! Complete quests, engage in trading, social activities, and invite friends to earn points. Receive an airdrop of Nereus' new token at the end of the campaign based on your points. Start earning today!

Proven Track Record

At Nereus, trust is paramount. With a battle-tested team of professionals, operational resilience since 2022, and a proven track record of developing secure and efficient DeFi protocols, we've processed hundreds of millions in transactions. We're committed to delivering reliability and excellence every step of the way.

Unmatched Leverage

Leverage your trades up to 70x with zero price impact, opening up unprecedented opportunities in cryptocurrencies, forex, and commodities.

Decentralised Trading With
CEX-Like Performance

Power up your trades with Nereus: where high speed meets high security. Trade at groundbreaking speeds of over 5,000 TPS, executing with unparalleled precision. Trust in the solid foundation of Polygon and Ethereum's networks. Start your trading revolution now.

Dive into the Nereus Ecosystem to explore and keep updated on the latest protocol developments


Seamlessly borrow or lend funds within a trusted platform for personalized financial growth and opportunities

Lending/ Borrowing

Our advanced trading engine ensures your trades are executed instantly, without waiting for confirmations.

NXUSD Stablecoin

Earn highly lucrative APY in WXT,
when you stake Curve LP tokens in
th Nereus Protocol

LP Tokens Staking

Earn up to 16% in Stablecoin, when
you stake NXUSD in the Nereus


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