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Effortlessly Bridge Your Assets to USDT on Polygon with LI.FI: A Step-by-Step Guide for Nereus Finance Users

In this guide we will show you how you can use LIFI bridge on Nereus Finance platform. You can easily bridge your tokens and coins without leaving the Nereus Finance platform..

For example, we will show you how to effortlessly convert your USDC.e on the Avalanche network to USDT on Polygon using the LI.FI bridge, all within the Nereus Finance platform. This step-by-step guide will make your cross-chain asset transfer a breeze, preparing you for seamless trading on Nereus.

Of course, you can do it with every other token or coin you have in your wallet. Let's go with a first step.

The first step is to connect a wallet. In the Nereus Finance platform, you can choose a different wallet connection.

The second step is to press a bridge button. This is where the yellow arrow is. When you press "Bridge" it will take you to the third step.

In the third step, you will have the option to choose what token you would like to bridge and from which blockchain. As you can see in the image below it is set up automatically USDT on Ethereum. We will change it in the fourth step.

In the fourth step, we can now choose what blockchain we will use and what token/coin on that blockchain. As you can see, when you press on Avalanche, LIFI will show you all the tokens/coins you have and you can bridge. We will decide to go with USDC.e which we will bridge to the Polygon USDT so we can use it in the Nereus Finance trading platform.

In the fifth step, we will bridge 5 USDC.e as you can see in the image below. Also, it is visible what we will get after the bridging. After the bridge we will get 4.87 USDT on Polygon blockchain. To move on to the next step, press "Review Bridge"

In the sixth step, you will see all the paths your tokens/coins will go to be bridged and the fees. to continue you need to press "Start Bridging"

In the seventh step, you will need to make wallet confirmations. That depends on your wallet and what it will require from you to continue.

In step number 8 your bridge will start.

Step number 9 requires you to confirm what you set up before.

Step number 10 requires you to wait until the bridge is done. You can see the timeline for when the bridge should finish.

Now when the bridging is over, you need to press "Done" or to view details if you would like.

When you get USDT on the Polygon blockchain you can easily deposit in the Nereus Finance platform.

We hope this guide has been easy to follow and that you enjoy using the seamless bridging capabilities of LI.FI within the Nereus Finance platform. Happy trading!

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