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Nereus Trading Guide: How to Deposit, Trade, and Withdraw on Polygon

Welcome to Nereus, the cutting-edge trading platform designed to streamline your trading experience with speed, security, and efficiency on the Polygon network. Follow this comprehensive guide to deposit funds, open positions, and manage your trades effortlessly on Nereus.

Getting Started: Depositing Funds

1. Access the Platform: Go to and connect your preferred wallet. Ensure the "Polygon" network is selected.

2. Initiate Deposit: Click on "Deposit" at the top right corner of the screen. Enter the amount of USDT you wish to deposit and click "Approve and Deposit USDT". (Note: Cross-chain deposits will be available soon.)

3. Wallet Approval: Your wallet will prompt you to authorize Nereus to spend USDT. Approve this to proceed.

4. Confirm Deposit: After approval, confirm the deposit transaction in your wallet.

5. Check Status: The deposit will appear under the "Activity" tab as "Pending". Wait for 200 confirmations to credit the deposit to your balance, ensuring security against blockchain rollbacks.

Opening a Position

1. Select Instrument: Click the button displaying the current instrument on the top left. In the popup, choose your desired instrument.

2. Configure Position: Use the panel on the right to set up your position. Choose to "Long" (buy) or "Short" (sell), specify the collateral in the "Pay" field, and adjust leverage with the "Multiply" slider. Optionally, set TP/SL by ticking the "Set TP/SL" checkbox and entering the prices.

3. Open Position: Click the "Long BTC" button (for example), review your position parameters, and confirm by clicking again in the popup.

4. Signature Required: Provide a signature via your connected wallet to open the position—no transaction submission or gas fees required, thanks to Nereus's gasless transactions.

5. Position Opened: Your position opens nearly instantly, backed by the security and fairness of blockchain storage.

Closing a Position

1. Navigate to Positions: Go to the "Positions" tab at the screen's bottom and click "Close" on the position you wish to end.

2. Confirm Closure: Review the position's parameters and outcome, then click "Close and get…". Provide a signature when prompted by your wallet.

3. Instant Closure: Your position closes nearly instantly, with no need for transaction submission or gas fees.

4. History: The closed position will be listed under the "History" tab.

Withdrawing Funds

1. Initiate Withdrawal: Click "Withdraw" in the top right corner. Enter the USDT amount to withdraw and click "Confirm Withdraw".

2. Provide Signature: Your wallet will ask for a signature to authorize the withdrawal. No transaction or gas fees are involved.

3. Withdrawal Processed: Withdrawals are usually instant. Funds will appear in your wallet once the blockchain processes the transaction.

4. Activity Log: The completed withdrawal is visible under the "Activity" tab, filtered by "Withdrawals".

By following these steps, you can efficiently manage your trading activities on Nereus, enjoying the benefits of fast, secure, and innovative trading on the Polygon network.

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